Prepping My Car for Emergency (Bug Out in a Mini)

Who needs a Hummer?My car bug-out bag was much easier to assemble than I expected. Truly, my dad instilled such a fear of being helpless into me, that I already had a lot of the stuff on the list. Now, I drive a Mini Clubman… not exactly the poster child for prepper mobiles, but it can hold an alarming amount of stuff (there is a secret space in the back, below the floor of the “trunk”… perfect for storing survival gear out of sight).

Like I said, the fear of being caught away from home without supplies has always been drummed into my head, so I always had stuff tucked away: walking shoes, warm socks, sweatshirt, granola bars, water bottle, first aid, parka, and plastic bags (ok, and a Frisbie) were already there….

Now, I’ve organized it all, and my car emergency bug-out bag contains-

Walking shoes– My old hiking boots still had a lot of wear in them, so they live in the car. Don’t want to be caught in a SHTF situation wearing flip flops.

First Aid Kit– A complete kit… not just a box with a few Dora the Explorer band aids.

Duct Tape– Give me a roll of duct tape, and I will repair the world.

Food– I always have food (being a mom), but now I make sure there is a box of energy bars in the car, as well as dried fruit.

Water– A few full plastic bottles filled with water (I will rotate these regularly).

Blanket– I keep a picnic type blanket that has plastic on one side and flannel on the other folded in a special bag. I also have a small down throw that smooshes down to nothing.

Flashlight (and extra batteries)- The worst things always seem to happen after dark.

Flares– Flares work to warn others away, or for signaling for help.

Tools– I have this little tool box that has the basics… hammer, screwdriver, and pliers).

Fire Extinguisher– Small one, but it will do the trick.

Shovel– A camping shovel, the kind that folds down.

Solar Charger– I understand that I can’t jumpstart a generator with it, but a solar charger will keep my cell phone working.

Map– I keep a driving atlas of California in the car…. it’s hard to trust the GPS on my phone after it told me I had arrived while I was still driving down the Freeway.

Paper Towels/Toilet Paper– For obvious reasons.

Zip Lock Bags– Because they are so darn useful.

Wet Wipes– I learned when I had babies, that they are perfect for a quick clean up.

In addition…. I always carry (and not for emergencies, just for everyday existence)

Parka– Because I live in the Bay Area where it’s never really warm.

Sunhat– When the sun does come out, I burn.

Sun Screen– Again… sunburn

Hard Candy– because it’s yummy.

Some of you may notice that I don’t have jack… that’s because my car doesn’t have a spare tire. The mini uses run-flats…. I can drive across glass or nails and keep on going! (Guess a Mini is a Prepper car after all…)

So, Step One! Car Bug Out Bag/Emergency Equipment- DONE!

Next stop….. cleaning and organizing my pantry.

PS… I took this photo to prove what a mighty mini I have… It contains~a chair, an end table, two book cases, some paper goods, a lamp and a pumpkin. And I still had room for myself and my daughter…