Your Essential Seed Vault Review

Essential Seed VAULT

Back40 Your Essential Seed Vault

Back40 recently began selling their Essential Seed Vault, and I was more than happy to take a look at them, and give an honest review. Food is essential for survival, and if all other avenues are cut off, it’s good to know I can grow my own.

I think I was most surprised how substantial the Seed Vault is. You get a #10 can PACKED full of 16 varieties. Altogether there are 22,000 seeds! Reading the list, it looks like a great cross section of varieties was chosen to maximize nutrition, while still giving a delicious variety to the diet. I also love that some of the veggies are quick growing for immediate (within 30 days) harvesting, while others can be harvested later, or continually over the season.

The can contains a great selection of vegetables. Vegetables like beans and tomatoes that can be eaten fresh or canned, versatile squash and carrots that can be cooked into a number of delicious dishes, and Swiss Chard which is LOADED with vitamins! You also get seeds for onions, spinach, beets, and peas… and more!

If you’ve never gardened before, or you just want to check out the quality of the product, spring is the best time to “test” your survival seeds. The Back40 Seed Vault packs the seeds in well labeled re-sealable Mylar Baggies, so you can plant a few to get familiar with them. The growing guide is very helpful for newbie gardeners, or anyone who just needs a quick reminder….

The seeds look great, not wrinkled and old, and I’m confident that this container could keep them safe for at least 4 years. Including a can or three of the Essential Seed Vault in your stockpile could only be a good idea… to grow your own food AND to use as a barter item!

I’ve done some test planting in our garden, so we will update as things grow!



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