Prepper Mom/ Sports Mom…. Same Skill Set?

SKill SetI was rolling an idea around in my head today about how similar Prepping is to being a Sports Mom. Think about it… my kids are soccer players, but I’ve heard similar experiences from the mothers of Hockey, Baseball and Basketball players (and, of course, the supreme Sports moms have swimmers; all day meets, or Volleyball players; all day tournaments). If you can handle those grueling days… prepping should be a snap.


Take a look at this~                            

Sports Moms Prepper Moms

Sports bags are packed with all necessary equipment! Shin guards, water bottle, uniform, snack, shoes, tape, and towel.


Bug Out bags are packed with all necessary equipment! Food, Water, Clothing, tools, matches and first aid kit.


Sports moms can feed a hungry crowd of 15 teens and their parents on a soccer field at a moment’s notice.


Prepper Moms can feed their family of 4 for 6 months under emergency conditions at a moment’s notice.

Feeding (part2)

Always has some sort of high energy snack food somewhere close by… either in her car or in her purse… for hungry kids.

 Feeding (part2)

Always has some sort of high energy snack food somewhere close by… either in her car or in her bug out bag… for hungry people.


Has a vehicle that can carry several teens and their gear… as well as extra food…


Big enough vehicle to bug out with family and gear…


No way to spiked heels… ever try walking across a field in them? And you’d be kicked out of a gym for marring the floor.


When the SHTF, we are leaving those prissy girls in spiked heels in our dust…


Finding a field, gym, pool, in the middle of nowhere, hours from home, even in the dark is child’s play!


Has no problems using a compass and a map, or GPS to find any location or meeting place.


3 kids have to be on different fields in different cities at the same time? No problem.


Getting 3 kids from 3 different places in different cities to one safe location? No problem.

I guess what I’m saying is…. don’t be daunted by the idea of prepping… if you have active kids, you probably already have the skill set.            

Just take what you know, and adjust it to suit prepping needs.


Prepping My Car for Emergency (Bug Out in a Mini)

Who needs a Hummer?My car bug-out bag was much easier to assemble than I expected. Truly, my dad instilled such a fear of being helpless into me, that I already had a lot of the stuff on the list. Now, I drive a Mini Clubman… not exactly the poster child for prepper mobiles, but it can hold an alarming amount of stuff (there is a secret space in the back, below the floor of the “trunk”… perfect for storing survival gear out of sight).

Like I said, the fear of being caught away from home without supplies has always been drummed into my head, so I always had stuff tucked away: walking shoes, warm socks, sweatshirt, granola bars, water bottle, first aid, parka, and plastic bags (ok, and a Frisbie) were already there….

Now, I’ve organized it all, and my car emergency bug-out bag contains-

Walking shoes– My old hiking boots still had a lot of wear in them, so they live in the car. Don’t want to be caught in a SHTF situation wearing flip flops.

First Aid Kit– A complete kit… not just a box with a few Dora the Explorer band aids.

Duct Tape– Give me a roll of duct tape, and I will repair the world.

Food– I always have food (being a mom), but now I make sure there is a box of energy bars in the car, as well as dried fruit.

Water– A few full plastic bottles filled with water (I will rotate these regularly).

Blanket– I keep a picnic type blanket that has plastic on one side and flannel on the other folded in a special bag. I also have a small down throw that smooshes down to nothing.

Flashlight (and extra batteries)- The worst things always seem to happen after dark.

Flares– Flares work to warn others away, or for signaling for help.

Tools– I have this little tool box that has the basics… hammer, screwdriver, and pliers).

Fire Extinguisher– Small one, but it will do the trick.

Shovel– A camping shovel, the kind that folds down.

Solar Charger– I understand that I can’t jumpstart a generator with it, but a solar charger will keep my cell phone working.

Map– I keep a driving atlas of California in the car…. it’s hard to trust the GPS on my phone after it told me I had arrived while I was still driving down the Freeway.

Paper Towels/Toilet Paper– For obvious reasons.

Zip Lock Bags– Because they are so darn useful.

Wet Wipes– I learned when I had babies, that they are perfect for a quick clean up.

In addition…. I always carry (and not for emergencies, just for everyday existence)

Parka– Because I live in the Bay Area where it’s never really warm.

Sunhat– When the sun does come out, I burn.

Sun Screen– Again… sunburn

Hard Candy– because it’s yummy.

Some of you may notice that I don’t have jack… that’s because my car doesn’t have a spare tire. The mini uses run-flats…. I can drive across glass or nails and keep on going! (Guess a Mini is a Prepper car after all…)

So, Step One! Car Bug Out Bag/Emergency Equipment- DONE!

Next stop….. cleaning and organizing my pantry.

PS… I took this photo to prove what a mighty mini I have… It contains~a chair, an end table, two book cases, some paper goods, a lamp and a pumpkin. And I still had room for myself and my daughter…